Minnesota Twins Audio Archive

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The Minnesota Twins will celebrate their 50th year in Minneapolis when they begin the 2010 season, and there will without a doubt be many moments worth celebrating. Division titles and league championships are just a few of those great moments.
The team history is great, and from famous calls to team anthems, and famous quotes to catchy songs, the audio archive is large in inventory. Below you can find some of the best of the collection. 
There is surely more out there worth adding, and if you have any hints, send them on over. The list will be updated regularly, so check back often and enjoy the great history of the Minnesota Twins.   

World Series Clinchers

1987 World Champions


1991 World Champions

Herb Carneal – 1991 World Champions


The Calls

Dick Bremer – Jason Kubel’s Grand Slam
John Gordon – “Touch ‘Em All Kirby Puckett!”
Jack Buck – “And We’ll See You Tomorrow Night!”
Chip Caray – 2009 Central Division Champions
Team Anthems 

We’re Gonna Win Twins – Long Version


Kirby Puckett

Bob Casey Announces Kirby


Kirby’s Famous Quote
“Greatest Fans in the World”


Twins Songs

The Hold Steady – Take Me Out to the Ballgame (Minnesota)


A&R – Joe Mauer Walkup Song
The Homer Hanky Song
1991 Team Song


Pitching Staff – Ode to Joy



  1. erik@erikmoe.com

    Someone needs to dig a bit deeper into the archives and find a recording of the Twins anthem from before the late 80s keyboard synth era / jazz version. These versions have always bugged me, but they seem to be all the internet has.

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