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TwinsFest 2010: Part III

From displays of historic items and Target Field, to autographs from players of the past, present, and future, TwinsFest 2010 was a hit. In fact, it was the second biggest in term of attendance in it’s history. Second to only TwinsFest 2007, this year’s event drew a total of 34,637 fans over the course of three days.

TwinsFest first began in 1989, and since that time, the event has brought in more than $4 million for the Twins Community Fund. As one of the largest fan festivals in professional sports, TwinsFest helps bring baseball back to the surface, and it definitely didn’t disappoint this year as the Twins prepare to begin a new era.
Some final pictures of newcomer J.J. Hardy and three players of the future: Anthony Slama, Carlos Gutierrez, and Aaron Hicks.

TwinsFest 2010: Part II

In the first look at TwinsFest 2010, the many things outside of the autograph stations were made clear. From the Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame section, which showed off historic items and the World Series trophies, to the Target Field section, which had the stadium replica and an array of various information, the Metrodome was packed with more than booths to receive player signatures. 

Nonetheless, the seven autograph stations were a big hit. Legends such as Tony Oliva, Bert Blyleven, and Rod Carew were there, current players such as Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, and Denard Span were there, and the players of the future were there including recent high draft selections, Kyle Gibson, Aaron Hicks, Ben Revere, and Carlos Gutierrez. 
In the second part of a look at TwinsFest 2010 comes pictures of the many players signing their name. 
A final look at TwinsFest 2010 will be up tomorrow with three or four more pictures.

TwinsFest 2010: Part I

Another year of TwinsFest has now passed, and three weeks from the conclusion of the three-day event will bring day one of spring training for the Minnesota Twins. With football a week away from a finish and winter slowly moving by, baseball is making a comeback. 

Nearly every Twin on the roster, several top prospects and several all-time greats were in attendance, and yet another year brought yet another seemingly good outcome for the organization and the Twins Community Fund. 
This is the first of a two part look at TwinsFest 2010, and it includes a few photos of the things outside of the many opportunities for autographs. 
Can the Minnesota Twins add a third trophy to the collection in 2010?

TF Replica 1.jpg
In this angle of the Target Field replica on display you can see the Target Field Station, the plaza in right field, the celebration sign in centerfield, and the trapezoid seating area.

TF Replica 2.jpg
In this angle of the Target Field replica, you can see the Budweiser Deck, the scoreboard, the wind veil on the parking ramp, and the team’s new pro shop, Twins City.

Opening Day Ticket.jpg
Will you have one of these?

Reality Setting In

The first real game at Target Field is now just over 70 days away. As the days slowly pass, reality is beginning to set in that the Minnesota Twins will really have their own ballpark and be back outdoors next season. 

It seems like just yesterday that the team was breaking ground on the construction site and fans were looking at simple renderings of what the future park might look like. Those renderings are now a direct resemblance of Target Field.
The Aerial View
Aerial Drawing.png
Areial Real.png
The Plaza
Plaza Drawing.png
Plaza Real.jpg
The Homeplate View
Homeplate Drawing.png
Homeplate Real.png

Odds and Ends: TwinsFest Day One

(*) The Official Twitter account of the Minnesota Twins was all over the Metrodome grounds taking pictures of Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, the newest Twin, Jim Thome, the picture of Denard Span above, and much more. 
(*) There were many quotes from several players, including Joe Mauer’s thoughts on the Homerun Derby last season:

Mauer says home run derby was tiring “because Morneau kept me out late the night before.”

(*) Joe Christensen of the Minneapolis Star Tribune has a story on Joe Mauer’s contract situation, and the following excerpt shows just how much the catcher means to the city and the Minnesota Twins organization:

The line for Joe Mauer’s autograph started outside the Metrodome at 8 a.m. Friday. He was eight hours from signing, and the temperature was minus-4.

TwinsFest 2010 will resume on Saturday at 9 a.m. and will wrap up with a third day on Sunday. No Joe Mauer signing is expected this weekend, but the annual event will help get baseball back in the news nonetheless. 

Arbitration Aftermath: Payroll Implications

It took only one day for the Minnesota Twins and their eight arbitration eligible players to agree to terms. After all players filed by the deadline last Friday, the sides exchanged offers on Tuesday and agreed to contracts for the 2010 season by the end of the day.

Carl Pavano signed for $7 million, J.J. Hardy for $5.1 million, Matt Guerrier for $3.1 million, Delmon Young for $2.6 million, Jesse Crain for $2 million, Francisco Liriano for $1.6 million, Pat Neshek for $625K, and Brendan Harris agreed to a two-year, $3.2 million contract.
On the day, the Minnesota Twins committed an additional $23,475,000 to their payroll for next season. In addition, they took another huge step toward a $90 million payroll for their first season at Target Field. 
January Payroll.pngCurrently at about $88.5 million according to rough estimates, the Minnesota Twins may have a small amount of money left to spend in the coming weeks. With reports that the Twins offered Jarrod Washburn a one-year, $5 million contract two weeks ago, there are indications that the organization could approach $95 million if the situation is right.
With second base, third base, and the fourth outfield spot uncertain, it is still very possible that the Twins could make another addition before the club reports to Fort Myers, Florida in four weeks. 

Bullpen Logjam

The Minnesota Twins have a bullpen logjam, and while it seems to be a problem waiting to be solved, it isn’t a bad issue to have. With pitchers returning from injuries this upcoming spring, pitchers being exiled into the bullpen, and even an addition, the bullpen is already full.

There are some locks: Joe Nathan, Matt Guerrier, Jon Rauch, Jose Mijares and Clay Condrey all seem to be locked into the bullpen. Jesse Crain isn’t far behind, but Pat Neshek needs a spot too, and the team also has starters Glen Perkins, Brian Duensing and Francisco Liriano who could potential be up for a spot. 
With the current roster, one of the three starters, Perkins, Duensing, or Liriano, will be in the rotation. Another is likely to become an extra left-handed option in the ‘pen. 
Most seasons, the Twins go with a 12-man pitching staff, and with six spots seemingly locked up, the Twins will need to solve the current logjam. There will be an extra starter to deal with, and Perkins has already been well-connected in trade talks. Meanwhile, the Twins will need to decide if Neshek is ready from day one or if they want him to wait out the cold Minnesota days and begin in sunny Florida.
If the trade rumors involving Perkins are accurate, and the lefty is eventually moved prior to the season, the situation could play itself out. Either Liriano or Duensing, whoever misses out on the fifth spot in the rotation, would enter the bullpen, and Neshek would takeover a spot after some extra innings down south or when needed due to injury. 
The Twins don’t have a problem, but more so a minor issue. They have plenty of pitchers to fill out the staff, now they just need to figure out which ones fit the best and figure out what to do with the extras. 

A New Identity

Span:Baker.pngThe roster and ballpark won’t be the only things changing in Minnesota for next season, the identity and wardrobe will be new as well. The Twins have announced new logos, patches and uniforms that the club is set to begin wearing for the 2010 season. 

While the home jersey will be nearly identical to previous seasons with the exception of the updated “Twins” wordmark, new road and throwback jerseys will be found in the lockers next spring.
The new solid grey road uniform no longer has pinstripes, and now contains a “Minnesota” script last featured on player jackets from 1961-1968. Meanwhile, the club has moved to a new throwback uniform that will be worn on Opening Day and each Saturday home game. 
After wearing a white throwback last season for Saturday home games, the team will wear a new beige colored jersey similar to the wool version worn during the organization’s first season in Minneapolis back in 1961.
New jerseys aren’t the end to the altered identity for the Minnesota Twins. The club has updated their wordmark and logos and unveiled patches to commemorate the Inaugural Season at Target Field and the franchise’s 50th Season in Minneapolis. 
While the updated wordmark is simply redefined with sharper lettering, the logo has been further altered. The new primary logo now includes the words “Minnesota Twins Baseball Club”, and the stitches on the baseball have been readjusted. 
Patches.pngThe Inaugural Season logo will be found on commemorative baseballs, bases, the team’s home uniform and hats for the entire 2010 season. Meanwhile, the 50th Season logo will be worn on the road and home throwback jerseys.
After 28 seasons of indoor baseball, the Minnesota Twins will finally find themselves under the sun next season, and they’ll step out onto the grass with a new brand and uniforms.

The 2010 Payroll

The Minnesota Twins still have questions remaining after their trade with the Milwaukee Brewers. While shortstop has been solved, second base, third base, and the rotation have not been. 

As the off-season starts to get underway with arbitration offers, free agency and front office meetings, the Twins will have some payroll flexibility. Most teams, including the Twins, don’t publicize their plans for payroll. With that said, reports indicate that the team’s 2010 payroll could jump somewhere around $90 million.
While the jump would be nearly $25 million more than the team ended with in 2009, it is smaller than it seems. Players like Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau and Scott Baker are moving further into contracts and being awarded more guaranteed money. In addition, nine players will receive raises via arbitration.
With the raises and arbitration estimates based on various reports and opinions, the team’s payroll may be very close to the following before any signing or other trade occurs.
2010 Payroll.png
The total of $78.55 million may be a little low if the players gain more than the shown estimates through arbitration, and it could be lower if any of the nine players are non-tendered (not offered a contract).
When all is said and done, it seems as though the team’s payroll will climb more than $10 million just with arbitration and players advancing in current contracts. If reports of a $90 million payroll are correct, the Twins will have around $12 million or so to help bring in a starting pitcher and potentially fix second base, third base, or both.
* In bold are rough estimates of contracts after arbitration.