TwinsFest 2010: Part I

Another year of TwinsFest has now passed, and three weeks from the conclusion of the three-day event will bring day one of spring training for the Minnesota Twins. With football a week away from a finish and winter slowly moving by, baseball is making a comeback. 

Nearly every Twin on the roster, several top prospects and several all-time greats were in attendance, and yet another year brought yet another seemingly good outcome for the organization and the Twins Community Fund. 
This is the first of a two part look at TwinsFest 2010, and it includes a few photos of the things outside of the many opportunities for autographs. 
Can the Minnesota Twins add a third trophy to the collection in 2010?

TF Replica 1.jpg
In this angle of the Target Field replica on display you can see the Target Field Station, the plaza in right field, the celebration sign in centerfield, and the trapezoid seating area.

TF Replica 2.jpg
In this angle of the Target Field replica, you can see the Budweiser Deck, the scoreboard, the wind veil on the parking ramp, and the team’s new pro shop, Twins City.

Opening Day Ticket.jpg
Will you have one of these?

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