TwinsFest 2010: Part II

In the first look at TwinsFest 2010, the many things outside of the autograph stations were made clear. From the Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame section, which showed off historic items and the World Series trophies, to the Target Field section, which had the stadium replica and an array of various information, the Metrodome was packed with more than booths to receive player signatures. 

Nonetheless, the seven autograph stations were a big hit. Legends such as Tony Oliva, Bert Blyleven, and Rod Carew were there, current players such as Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, and Denard Span were there, and the players of the future were there including recent high draft selections, Kyle Gibson, Aaron Hicks, Ben Revere, and Carlos Gutierrez. 
In the second part of a look at TwinsFest 2010 comes pictures of the many players signing their name. 
A final look at TwinsFest 2010 will be up tomorrow with three or four more pictures.

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