Right On Target: An Open House

For the past 28 years, the Minnesota Twins have been located under the roof of the Metrodome on the other side of town. In just a few days the month of April will roll around, and the new month will signify the beginning of a new era with the opening of Target Field. 

This season, there will be wind, there’ll be rain, and there’ll be sun. Beginning in 2010, weather elements will combine with baseball once again in Minneapolis. The team’s new ballpark, Target Field, looks great in photos and on television, but neither of those things can do the ballpark justice. 
Last weekend, the Twins hosted an Open House to show off their new gem, and the first sight of everything is stunning. All around Target Field are small touches that make the ballpark unique and one-of-a-kind. From the “Gold Glove” on the plaza, to the celebration sign in centerfield, to the Budweiser Deck, to the large scoreboard in left center, Target Field has several features exclusive to the team and found nowhere else in Major League Baseball.
Inside there are heaters all around the concourse. The concourse itself is open from end to end, allowing fans to get their hotdogs and still see the field. There are restaurants: Hrbek’s and The Townball Tavern. The team’s history is displayed across the facility, and the walls are covered all around with photos of both players and big moments.
Season ticket holders will be in store for even more. The Metropolitan Club offers a place to hangout, the Legends Club has atriums of both Kirby Puckett and Rod Carew and also is home to “Club 573” for Harmon Killebrew. 
Describing the stunning new ballpark in small detail and showing the pictures below from the event won’t come close to doing what a trip to Target Field will. When fans walk into Target Field for the first time in this 2010 season, they’ll be able to see the stunning and unique features and details for themselves. 


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