Interleague Roundup


Interleague play first began in 1997, and since that time, the schedule has seen more and more National League teams added. The Twins’ style of play, often referred to as ‘small ball’, has been compared regularly to that of the National League ‘style’. So it’s no wonder that the Minnesota Twins have succeeded in interleague play since the tradition began.

In recent years, the Twins have dominated interleague play, posting some of the best records in all of baseball. Since 2006, the Twins have gone an incredible 53-19 to give them a .736 winning percentage over that span of games.

All-time, since the tradition began 12 years ago, the Twins have the second best interleague record. Only the Yankees (133-95) have more wins than the Twins (132-96) against the National League. The Twins’ all-time winning percentage in interleague play is .579.

Aside from winning games against the National League during a span of six series in interleague play, the Twins have also fared well with attendance in their three hosted series. This season, hosting the likes of Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, and Houston, the Twins drew a total of 302,468 fans for an average of 33,607 visitors per game.

The Twins won’t be making the move to the other league any time soon, but it’s clear that recently at least, they benefit from playing National League opponents; both for reasons shown in the standings and ticket sales.

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