Target Field: Grass Installation Begins

Playing Surface
With each passing day the opening of Target Field draws closer. Seats continue to go in around the ballpark, and by the end of fall the ballpark will be ready for testing. Next spring, reportedly on April 12th, the Minnesota Twins will finally take the field to begin a new era in Twins Territory.
Tonight at 10 p.m. the stadium will begin to resemble a ballpark and more so a baseball field. Early this morning the transporting of Kentucky Blue Grass began in Fort Morgan, Colorado; tonight it will arrive at Target Field and throughout the week the process will continue until the field turns green.
You can follow the installation live on your computer by watching the Ballpark Webcam.
The diagram above shows the field surface at Target Field. The top layer is the Kentucky Blue Grass. The grass is followed by the sand-based root zone which is 10” deep and is a water storage area. Next comes the field heating tubes which will heat the field in the cold days of spring and fall. A 4” drainage gravel blanket helps further drain water, and the bottom layer is compacted sub-grade which helps support a high quality playing field.
The bulk of the playing field is completed, and by week’s end, the final step will be taken.

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