Attendance Analysis: 12 Games Remain

Through 54 home games, the Minnesota Twins were averaging 29,212 fans per game, about 3,500 more fans per game than last season at the same point. Over the past month, and a total of 15 games, the team’s pace to break last season’s attendance mark has dipped.

After 69 home games, the Twins have drawn a total of 1,985,948 fans to give them an average of 28,782 fans per game. The average is still above where the team was last season at the same point, but the margin has gone from 3,371 more fans per game after 54 home matches to only a 1,049 fans per game difference 15 home games later.
Attendance (9-5).png
Last season the team drew just over 2,300,000 fans through the 81 games at the Metrodome. To meet that mark, the team must draw 26,171 fans per game over the final four weeks and 12 scheduled games. 
To meet the league average for attendance, which is set to be on pace for about 2,400,000, the Twins must draw 34,504 fans per game in the final month. Beating last season’s mark still looks doable, but meeting the league attendance average won’t be an easy task.
With the final regular season game at the Metrodome already ruled a sellout, the Twins are assured of about 55,000 fans in one of the remaining games, and by sticking in the race, a series with Detroit and other possibly critical games could draw large crowds. 

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