09 – 09 – 09

Today marks a unique day in history as the date, September 9, 2009 transforms to 09/09/09. It’ll happen again next October, again two years from now in November, and then again three years from now in December. After that moment, it’ll be many years before the day, month and year match up again.
To commemorate the unique day in history, we take a look at the list of all players to ever where number nine for the Minnesota Twins.

Billy Gardner (1961) 

Rich Rollins (1961-68) 
Charlie Manuel (1969-72) 
Larry Hisle (1973-77)
Bombo Rivera (1978-80) 
Mickey Hatcher (1981-86) 
Gene Larkin (1987-93) 
Matt Walbeck (1995-96) 
Orlando Merced (1998) 
A.J. Pierzynski (1998-99) 
Jason Maxwell (2000-01) 
Steve Liddle (2002-09)
Two people, A.J. Pierzynski and Steve Liddle, stand out to the general fan, and Liddle has held the uniform for the longest time, followed closely by Gene Larkin who wore it for six seasons.
Charlie Manuel too is a familiar name; he has since become the manager for the Philadelphia Phillies and led them to a World Series title last season. 

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