Attendance Analysis: A Final Look

There were many interesting moments over the course of the final season in the Metrodome, and many fans turned out to see them. In the first 81 regular season games, the total attendance ranked third all-time for the Minnesota Twins; second only to 1988 and 1992, the two years following the team’s World Series titles.

(1) 3,030,672 – 1988 

(2) 2,482,428 – 1992 
(3) 2,362,149 – 2009 
(4) 2,302,431 – 2008
(5) 2,296,347 – 2007 
(6) 2,293,842 – 1991 
(7) 2,285,018 – 2006 
(8) 2,277,438 – 1989 
(9) 2,081,976 – 1987 
(10) 2,048,673 – 1993
It would take 82 home games before the team’s fate could be decided however, and in the final Metrodome game, a regular season record, 54,088 fans showed up to take the 2009 regular season attendance total to 2,416,237 for the season.

Attendance Final 09.png
In 2008, the team averaged a total of 28,405 fans per game. This season, in the final season indoors, the Twins averaged 29,466 fans per game, an increase of 1,405 fans per game. Overall, the team brought in 113,806 more fans in 2009 than last season to give them the third highest attendance in team history.

The average attendance around Major League Baseball in 2009 was right around 2,400,000; with an extra game the team was able to surpass that.
With an expected capacity of 39,800 at Target Field next season, the most fans the team could draw in 2010 is 3,223,000. After making the playoffs, and with 2010 being the Inaugural Season at Target Field and the 50th Season in Minnesota for the organization, next season could see historic attendance totals.

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