So Long, Mike Redmond

For five seasons Mike Redmond called Minnesota home, but when the 2010 season kicks off in April, Redmond will be in Cleveland. After being a leader in the Twins’ clubhouse since his arrival in 2005, Redmond was forced out by an overloaded position.
In five seasons with the Twins, Redmond hit .297 with 2 homeruns and 101 RBI. More important than his numbers was his leadership and durability. Redmond was a leader in the clubhouse each season, and it showed immensely in 2006 when he introduced “Smell ‘Em” en route to a playoff run. 
One season later in 2007, Redmond showed his toughness when he was hit in the head by Jim Thome’s bat. Redmond received stitches, but the next day he was back behind the plate catching.
The time went by fast, and while Redmond wasn’t an All-Star catcher, he was an integral part to multiple playoff teams with his leadership. When Redmond does call it quits, there have been indications that the organization would welcome him back as a coach.

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