Touring Target Field

It may just be a virtual look at the Minnesota Twins’ new home, but with MLB 10: The Show, the realism of Target Field and it’s surroundings show. From the skyline to the plaza to the features such as the celebration sign, the newest ballpark in Major League Baseball has been incredibly constructed in the virtual world. 

It’s time to enter into the stadium for a tour of some of the ballpark’s key features. 

City LandscapeThe skyline captures the best of Minneapolis. 

The PlazaThe plaza, complete with ‘Targets’.
OverhangMichael Cuddyer makes the play right in front of the overhang.
Overhang Side ViewHow many times will players look up and see no ball?
BackstopThe backstop feature’s Minnesota native limestone.
Centerfield TreesThe trees in centerfield will act as the Batter’s Eye.
BullpensReal bullpens for the first time in 28 seasons.
Out of Town ScoreboardHow much scoreboard watching will there be in 2010?
Twins' DugoutThe Twins’ dugout, relocated to the first base side.
Visitor's DugoutThe visitor’s dugout, now down the third base line.
ScoreboardOne of the largest scoreboards in Major League Baseball.
Admin BuildingThe administration building featuring the retired numbers and the party deck.
Celebration SignNow when players ‘Touch ‘Em All’, Minnie and Paul will shake hands.
To see the full size of each of these pictures to get the full effect of your Target Field tour, just click. Baseball has begun down south, and it’s start up north is nearing. 

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